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"DADA"Is created using only one letterform and can be read from any viewpoint - Mirror reflective, Lake reflective and Invertible.

John Langdon's Chain Ambigram Design "Time & Space"

Available in 5 different clock versions.

Click on the clocks link above to see versions.

Frameless Wall Clock

This custom clock's got designs on your wall, so it knows how to stand out wherever it hangs (and still have a great time).

Its frameless, gloss-finish face and exposed clock hands bring modern style, making this one clock you're sure to love every minute.

Made of eco-friendly hardboard with gloss-finish face Elegant, exposed clock hands 16" diameter

Question: What is an "Ambigram"?

The answer in one word is "functional" lettering. By altering and manipulating letter forms,

a word or phrase to be either read as itself or a different word when the word or phrase is physically animated,

by turning, reflecting sometimes also by the angle of preception.

to see more about the history of AMBIGRAMS click here